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All told, lung cancer takes 1 million lives around the world each year. Despite the warnings and the statistics, the toll of lung cancer continues to rise.

Lung cancer is a complex disease. Like other cancers, there is no single cause. Still, there is reason for optimism. Lung cancer is among the most preventable of all cancers.

Smoking remains the greatest risk factor, with the risk increasing with the number of cigarettes smoked and the number of years of smoking. Ever since the 1964 landmark "Smoking and Health Report" of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General clearly linking lung cancer and tobacco use, experts have agreed that the most effective way to lower your risk of lung cancer is never to smoke, or if you do, to stop now.

Studies since then have shown that as many as 9 out of 10 cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking. Even if you don't smoke, your chances of developing lung cancer may be increased as much as 30 percent by daily exposure to secondhand smoke.

While lung cancer is frequently in the news, reports of treatment advances are not. See Public education needed. Although innovations in lung cancer treatments have been few in recent years, physicians and researchers are making progress by exploring new combinations of standard treatments.

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