Brain tumor surgery animation

Confusion with everyday matters, unexplained headache upon waking, difficulty walking and talking — these are some of the experiences of the 114,000 Americans diagnosed last year with a brain tumor. Diagnosis of a brain tumor is frightening, in part because brain tumors remain challenging to treat, particularly in older adults.

But the outlook isn't always as bleak as it might seem. Almost half of some types of brain tumors can be treated successfully, and survival rates are inching upward for people with brain tumors that are more difficult to treat.

Brain Tumor Surgery — This is the mainstay of brain tumor treatment. It involves removing as much of the tumor as possible while trying to minimize damage to healthy tissue.

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Surjya said...

There are different types of brain tumors and all brain tumors are deadly and difficult to fight with. But the video presentation was so excellent and encouraging that it seems brain tumors will be dealt efficiently with the process used in your video.