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what are the main differences between meosis an mitosis?

mitosis: is the reproduction of body cells (somatic cells), diploid, two daughter cells produced, chromosomes line up singly in metaphase, one nuclear division, produces cells for growth and repair, daughter cells have two sets of chromosomes (pairs), daughter cells are genetically identical to the parent cellMeiosis: produces sex cells (gametes), haploid, four produced, blah, two nuclear divisions, produces cells for sexual reproduction, daughter cells have only one member of each pair of chromosomes, daughter cells have one half of the genes from the parent cell, generates genetic diversity through crossing over and random seperation of homologous pairs of chromosomes.

-meiosis creates sex cells which have only half the number of chromosomes and mitosis is just reproducing the original cell.

-mitosis produces two somatic cells with the 2n/diploid number of chromosomes and meiosis produces four (after both I and II) daughter cells each with the n/haploid no. of chromosomes.

differences between meiosis and mitosis animation

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