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3D Animation https://pinksquare.com/3d-animation/ : What #D Product Animation Can Do For You

2017 saw the worth of the global animation market rise to $254 billion. The market has undoubtedly grown since then. As animation makes its way into the world of marketing, we'll undoubtedly see its popularity rise even higher.

When most people believe 3D animation, they think entertainment. This is because animation has kept us interested in cinemas for the longest time. Nowadays, however, animation is present beyond the cinema halls -being utilized to showcase products.

That raises the question, "Is 3D product animation worth all the hype?


This is best illustrated by brands such as Gillette and the beloved Apple. Look at the Gillette ads and you'll realize that a simple animation changed a lowly shave into an adventure. This has made the brand very well liked among consumers. Gillette sets itself apart from its competitors by taking this new method to marketing. At the end of the day, a quality animation reflects very well on your brand. This is what 3D product animation intends to achieve- to assist you tower over the competition.

There are three primary reasons why you must add 3D animation to your marketing stratagem:

1.Profit Minded Prototyping: Releasing a prototype to the market is a really expensive affair. Now, to be fair, the role played by prototypes makes them worth every penny but, what if we could get the similar results without employing pricey prototypes? Well, now there is. 3D product animation models your product in an online world and exposes it to the market. This way, you have feedback for your product inexpensively.

2.First Impressions last Forever: The most fascinating products rarely look the part. Imagine a Gillette ad without the animation. How boring would that have been?

3D product animation takes an ordinary looking item and transforms it into an adventure of epic proportions. The item is viewable across all 360-degrees with special effects added for that extra punch. Do it right and the market will obsess over your product.

The iPhone X is a great example. The marketing strategy was mainly centered on3D models. Many other brand names including Microsoft, Huawei, and Samsung have also employed 3D product animations. Now you know why they dominate their respective markets.

3.Money Matters: 3D product animation is not an expense, it's a save. Apart from marketing, the 3D model can also be used to determine glitches in an unfinished product. Designers can change the product after analyzing its model without physical prototyping.

On top of that, animation is a really cost-effective marketing platform. Just take a look at the popularity of 3D modelling rigs and Virtual Reality equipment to get a feel of just how hungry the world is for 3D.

In a nutshell, animation technologies will bring good tidings to your product. You can give it glamor, appeal, and mystique. The animation process also makes the brand feel modern and worthy of a place in the modern market. The wrong first impression has been the death of many products.

Don't be part of the failures. Abandon generic advertising techniques. Make your item the hero of an animated ad. You do wish to be the next Apple and Huawei, don't you?