krebs cycle animation

•The Krebs Cycle rxns oxidize the remaining acetyl fragments of acetyl-CoA to CO2. NRG released from this exergonic process is used to reduce coenzyme (NAD+ and FAD) and to phosphorylate ATP (substrate-level phosphorylation)
•The Krebs cycle has eight enzyme-controlled steps that occur in the mitochondrial matrix
•For every turn of the Krebs Cycle:
–Two carbons enter in the acetyl fragment of acetyl CoA
–Two different carbons are oxdized and leave as CO2
–Coenzymes are reduced; three NADH and one FADH2 are produced
–One ATP molecule is produced by substrate level phosphorylation
–Oxaloacetate is regenerated
•For every glucose molecule split during glycolysis:
–Two acetyl fragments are produced
–It takes two turns of the Krebs Cycle to complete the oxidation of glucose

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